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TAKATORI co.,Ltd. purchased MTC stocks
and relationship between TAKATORI and MTC

  Febuary, 2nd, 2008
MTC co.,Ltd
CEO Takeo Tamaki

TAKATORI purchased MTC stocks, Relationship between TAKATORI and MTC.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I Hope All Our Customers are Doing Well.
We Do Appreciate Your Business. To New Viewers of our Web-site Welcome. I Hope We Can Be of Assistance to You. Please Feel Free to Email Us with Any Request or Questions.

On, February, 12th,
TAKATORI purchased MTC stocks ( approximately 1/3 of MTC total stocks) from ALPS
engineering ( former stock holder), so that, TAKATORI became largest MTC share holder.

MTC Will Never Forget that Our Customers have Made Everything Possible and We Maintain a
Strong Desire to Continue Contributing to the Advancement of the Photomask Processing Field
by our Synergetic Relationship with Takatori and the Excellence of Our Engineers.

MTC Greatly Appreciates Our Customers.

                                                    Sincerely yours.

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