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New product AccuPro Series SMIF Pod Opener Resist coat Cleaner Patterning Manufacturing process of the Photomask

Product information

Speicals on MTC equipments

We(MTC Co.,LTD) are supplier of semiconductor production machines mainly photomask related.
(We have been suppliying resist coating, developer, etching and so forth mask related equipments. )
And we have been accepted and respected among customers as company with so highly qualified engineering capabilities backed up with excelent flexible design to customer requirements.

Plate and or wafer transfer and also chemical suppliy units are made in MTC house. Customers could feel big advatages for adjusting eqipments configuration and layout to their convenience.
We are grad to design complexed configuration such as among several defferent size plate and wafer, round and square substrate and very rare shape and material substrate.
We are also willing to produce and supply units and or modules as OEM supplier.
Either very small quantity for R&D purpose or big quantity for mass production is possible to be designed at MTC.
NOt only maintenence after installation but also support production improvement on site. In long future after installation, we are now proceeding equipment improvement and redesign.

Photomask product system Resist Coating System
Developer System
Etching System iWetEDryj
Baking System
Resist Strip System
Cleaning System iWetEDryj
Handling System
Clean Bench
Pellicle Removal System
Semiconductor product system Resist Coating System
Developer System
Etching System
Baking System
Resist Strip System
Cleaning System
Handling System
Other product system Glass plateioptical componentjproduct system iCleaningEHandlingj
Ceramic plate product system iResist coatingECleaningEHandlingj
MEMS product system iResist CoatingEDeveloperEEtching etc.j
Other use system
Measurement system etc. Film thickness system
SMIF POD Opener (Automatic, Stand Alone Type, Manual)
Loader, Unloader
Transfer System
Chemical Mixing Suypply Unit (SPMEAPMEHot DIWEDetergent etc.)


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