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New product AccuPro Series SMIF Pod Opener Resist coat Cleaner Patterning Manufacturing process of the Photomask

AccuPro series

MTC puts Highest Priority on Developing New Hardware and Techniques for Constant
Improvement of Production Processes. Please Contact us Below for More Detail.

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Fully Automated Post Apply Baking System
AccuTemp (PAB-200)

Application: Highly uniform / profilable photomask post apply baking system
Fully Automated Rapid Thermal Baking System
AccuTherm (RBS)

Application: Rapid thermal ramp photomask system like silicon wafer's

Advanced multi step low swelling profile EBR System

Application: 45nm node Photomask Accurate Edge Bead Removal (EBR) System

In-situ Automated Film Evaluation System
AccuView (ACV 100)

Application: Insitu digital image coat quality monitoring system
Photomask Resist Strip/Clean System

Application: Ozone and Hot-DI Wet Strip and Clean System
Advanced Multipass Slit-scan Photomask Developer

Application: 45 nm-node Photomask Aqueous Develop System
Pellicle Removal System
AccuPell (Phoenix D-PEL)

Application: Automatic residue free removal of pellicle from industry standard reticles (We can provide automatic, semi-automatic and manual type)
Advanced Bead-Less coating system for 45nm mask

Application: 45nm node Photomask Accurate Bead-Less Coating System
Spray-EC photoresist stripper for advanced Photomask processing

Application: Photomask photoresist stripping / removal process.

SystemEye upgrade

MTC provides a full suite of intuitive user-interfaces (HMI/MMI) Human Machine Interface /Man Machine Interface. These products provide the system operator with powerful control over system operation, programming and reporting functions. A common gLook and Feelh is maintained in all of our software to minimize training and possible error in the operation of our photo mask tools.

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